Helsinki Garden is a privately funded real estate development project. The property will contain the most modern event arena in the world, serving arts and sports lovers all year round, as well as significant residential, business, services and retail facilities.
The project initiator is Helsinki IFK, a sports organization competing in the national ice-hockey main league and the international CHL league, established in Helsinki in 1897.
The Garden financiers are well-established Finnish real estate investment institutions.


The underlying company of Helsinki Garden will buy or lease the lot in the Töölö district from the city of Helsinki at a market price. The city of Helsinki will be paid at the normal rate for building rights of the Garden premises.

Economic effects on society by the project

Jobs during construction 2 800 annual work units
Jobs during operation 700 jobs per year
Tax revenue during construction, city 21 million Euros
Tax revenue during construction, state 13 million Euros
Tax revenue during operation, city 9 million Euros per year
Tax revenue during operation, state 44 million Euros per year