A wide range of services are being planned for Helsinki Garden, encircling the underground event arena. The full complex will be integrated with the event arena, and the complementing services will include a hotel, restaurants, sports center, residential accomodations and retail facilities.

Event arena

Helsinki Garden will contain the most modern event arena in the world, serving culture and sports afficionados in the heart of Helsinki. The arena capacity will include roughly 10,500 seats and over a hundred gallery boxes for the events.


The Garden hotel will have direct access to the event arena. Many of the hotel suites will include their own gallery boxes, and the arena gallery floor will also serve as conference premises for hotel guests and the greater business community.


In addition to serving the customers of the arena and hotel, the restaurant world of the Garden will provide assorted culinary services to the audiences of the adjacent Olympic and Sonera Stadiums as well as local residents on a daily basis.

Shops and services

A supermarket-size grocery store serving local residents all year round is being planned for the Garden. In addition, the Garden will entail other retail facilities. There will also be a sports activity center based at the Garden.


The Helsinki Garden property will include substantial residential facilities as well.