Helsinki Seagulls to join Garden Helsinki project

The main owners of the basketball league team Helsinki Seagulls, Janne and Sinikka Kulvik, have made a significant investment in Projekti GH Oy, the development company of Garden Helsinki project. Previous investments in the Garden Helsinki real estate development project have been made by, among others, Oy HIFK-Hockey Ab, Taaleri Kiinteistökehitysrahasto of Taaleri Oyj and Finnish private citizens.

– The Garden project is not only vital for sports in Helsinki, it is becoming the most modern event center in the world, that will make all of Helsinki proud. We are glad to be able to join the project development at this stage, says the CEO of Seagulls, Sauli Silvonen.

– Helsinki Garden creates an opportunity for unique entertainment supply, and the services and infrastructure of the technically advanced event center will exceed the high expectations of both the athletes and audiences, Silvonen continues.

The Helsinki City Board gave the Garden project a provisional design area reservation for two lots on both sides of the Olympic Stadium in May 2015. The location decision and lot reservation is expected to reach the decision-making stage in the city governing bodies during April 2016.

– The commitment of the Seagulls to the project alongside IFK strengthens not only the development budget of the project, but above all strengthens the solidity and practicality of future operations. This must be the first time in Finland organizations from separate sports join in an endeavor of this magnitude, comments Timo Everi, chairman of the boards of IFK and Projekti GH Oy.

– In addition to the growth in the popularity of basketball, our understanding of the significant needs and desires that Garden Helsinki can fulfill has grown due to our ongoing dialogue with various sports and cultural operators as well as residents of the Töölö community. The project has been developed and planned in unison with the city for five years. Now we anticipate the next step, Timo Everi says.